Linkee is a brand spanking new addictive, tense, ‘shouty outy’ trivia game. It’s also the world’s first crowd sourced trivia game. The boys at Linkee have taken out all the things people don’t like about board games for this. That means no more boring waiting your turn. You’ll also find anti-genius questions so that everybody can play and get involved without feeling like a wally. And on top of that it doesn’t take forever to play, and it looks good too! Even better,  it’s proudly made in the UK – unlike 60% of the toys and games on the market.

Linkee Ltd was founded by three friends Dean Tempest 25, Tristan Hyatt-Williams, 42 and  Ben Drummond, 40, who met in the advertising industry in London, they saw flaws in the games they played and loved so set out to do something about it. Come and meet them in the shop!